Exquisite Orchid Floral Designs

orchid floral designs

At Mission Viejo Florist, we’ve worked with hundreds of excited brides to create the perfect wedding flowers. Over the years, there have been  different fashions, trending color palettes and “all the rage” wedding themes.  The newest thing comes and goes, but there are some wedding florals that are timeless, elegant and always cherished – the orchid is one such flower. Orchid floral designs are luxurious and sophisticated, and if you are planning a Mission Viejo or Orange County wedding, we highly recommend the use of this exquisite bloom.
orchisd floral designPerhaps the most iconic use of the orchid is in a traditional cascading bridal bouquet. The white cymbidium bloom, large and lavish, is the focal point of this waterfall of white flowers. The cymbidium variety of the orchid family is one of the most popular choices of bridal couples. They showcase oversized flowers in unique colors – lime green, yellow and magenta joining white as some of the most requested – and their ability to blend so well with other floral elements.  Other oft-requested orchids include the phalaenopsis, with its generous winds that look like a moth’s wingspan; and the dendrobium, which grows on slender branches and is likely to be found gathered in bunches for a beautiful but rustic centerpiece.

Orchid floral designs are special because they are so distinctive and offer a striking visual impact.  They offer a full range of color and so many styles, meaning that a bride can create bouquets, centerpieces and floral accents that are as memorable as the rest of the day. From a delicate corsage to a bold cake garnish; from her bridal flowers to a single blossom to decorate a place setting – orchids are gorgeous, versatile and always perfect.

Which is the perfect orchid for you? Contact us to make an appointment with the professional consultants at Mission Viejo Florist. We’ll listen to you, show you all the options, experiment with the possibilities, and create the wedding flowers of your dreams.