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Planning for Your Holiday Wedding

holiday weddingEven though your holiday wedding is still six months away, now is the time to get your planning underway!
Winter weddings – especially around the holidays – can be very beautiful, elegant and sentimental. The traditional red, white and black tie weddings can be visually stunning; while a shimmery white and silver wedding is magical. Deep purples and greens are whimsical and ethereal.
Here at Mission Viejo Florist, we recall a wedding in which the Bride took a totally different approach to the wedding “florals” which resulted in a gorgeous effect.  The arch was decorated with a variety of Christmas greenery, illuminated with white lights, and adorned with large red and silver ornaments. There were no flowers at all. The Bride carried a bouquet of Christmas greens with smaller round red ornaments, and the centerpieces were a variety of Christmas greenery surrounding flickering candles.

Not only was the wedding striking and memorable, but it also successfully addressed some of the issues that can arise when planning a wedding during the holidays. Flowers, like every other aspect of planning, such as the venue and the food, are simply more expensive at this time of year. Many flowers are difficult to source because they are out of season, and with a month of celebrating with florals in shades of reds and whites, supply and demand also see a rise in prices.  By choosing interesting greenery and decorations over just flowers, our Bride achieved the perfect Christmas theme without breaking her budget.  White, silvery, and natural branches, along with pine cones, winter greenery and even holly berries can give a Bride a wide variety of seasonal options.

One of our most important pieces of advice for every Bride, no matter what season the wedding, never, ever skimp on your bouquet.  If you really want that special garden rose, a certain shade of peony, or your favorite flower, it may have to be imported and therefore slightly pricey, but your bouquet will be front and center, highly visible and in almost every picture.  So let one of our talented designers here at Mission Viejo Florist create the bouquet you have always dreamed about.  It will be the final touch, the jewelry that finishes “the look” everyone wants to see!

Finally, Joni does caution that holiday weddings can be problematic and expensive for those who need to travel to the event. “The most important thing I can tell a bride with her heart is set on a December wedding”, says Joni, “is to talk with her family and the groom’s family first to insure there will not be a hardship on anyone who must travel at that time of year.”
Remember that whatever time of year you choose for your wedding, your best selection for a wedding florist is at Mission Viejo Florist. We have the depth of experience that will result in heartfelt and honest advice, designed to make your wedding perfect.