Floral Accents, Extras, and Details

floral accents

Weddings are beautiful by nature. But there are many opportunities within your wedding planning and design that you can add elements and details to make it uniquely personal and truly spectacular. After decades of helping Mission Viejo couples plan the perfect wedding day, the expert designers at Mission Viejo Florist are excited to help you with the floral accents that will transform your day.
Once you’ve chosen your bridal flowers, you can use your imagination as to where to add flowers. Create a custom floral pillow for the rings, wrap your program with a satin bow and a single bloom, or create gorgeous hairpins for your bridal party and family members. floral accents

At your wedding ceremony, the aisle treatments are important for two reasons. First and most importantly, they create a floral escort for the bride to walk through on her way to the altar. Aisle decor can be as simple as ribbons with a long stemmed rose, or as lavish as full bouquets. Many brides choose to line the aisle with shepherd’s hooks, suspending glass vase arrangements or pomanders. These florals also serve to create an artistic linear focal point with the bride at the center, resulting in striking photos full of color and design.

Most venues – whether indoor or outdoor – are fairly generic. Adding floral garlands or canopies to trellises and gazebos will create a stunning visual while the couple says their vows, especially when bright and vivid colors are employed. Use similar florals to adorn railings and door frames; and once inside, drape over the head table or across  the ceiling for an outdoor effect. Take a few blooms and cascade down your cake, or even offer a small bud vase with your chosen flowers as favors for your guests.

Your wedding day is all about you, and floral accents give you the opportunity to express your personality in a beautiful way. Gather together your inspiration photos and tell us your vision – and the wedding experts at Mission Viejo Florist  will make sure your wedding is everything you’ve been dreaming of.