The Floral Designer is an Important Part of Your Dream Wedding

floral designerEvery bride looks for assistance when it comes time to choose the details of her wedding day. Whether a Mother, a best friend or online tools and social media forums – a Bride has many places to go for advice and guidance. But if you are planning your wedding, we have a better suggestion. The very best place to turn for professional advice – that will result in a stunning wedding as well as remain within budget – is Mission Viejo Florist. Even if you think you cannot afford a professional wedding designer, call us and schedule a complimentary appointment. . . we will surprise you with the value we provide.

“Picking your florist is about the personal connection between the bride and the designer. You want the designer to be just as excited about your wedding as you are!” says Joni, owner at Mission Viejo. Getting to know the bride is an important aspect of designing the perfect day, for many reasons. “Flowers are the ‘jewelry’ for any event, but especially weddings,” Joni says. “Your bouquet is not a stand alone piece – flowers highlight and accent you and your dress, and any of the floral designers at Mission Viejo Florist will look at the whole wedding picture, not just quote a price.

Any wedding floral designer can provide a laundry list of items with a bottom line price, but at our florist we spend time with our Brides to understand their desired look and what elements are most important, her “must” haves.  Count on our expertise to know which flowers are in season and readily available, therefore more cost effective.  And if you love a look you saw in a trendy magazine or a recent celebrity wedding, one of our floral designers can help you achieve the same look and feel, but stay in your budget.

We are professional wedding consultants and we have designed hundreds and hundreds of weddings in our area.  We know the venues and we have the ability to translate your style and dreams into floral designs that will exceed your expectations while staying within your budget.  We have the expertise with non-traditional and outside-the-box creativity and we are happy to recommend unique ideas and tips along with helping with all aspects of planning to make your day beautiful and carefree.  So gather up your Mother, your best friend, and all of your inspirational photos and make an appointment with a member of our team. . . we can’t wait to meet you and help you create the wedding of your dreams!