Traditional Roles for the Mother of the Bride

mother rolesYour daughter is on her way to the altar, and as the Mother of the Bride, you’ve probably got a thousand ideas about how this day could be amazing – after all, this is one of the biggest events of her life! It is also a situation that may require a delicate approach.  Your daughter most certainly wants your love, support, and help, but she will also have her own ideas about how the day will look and which details she wants to handle.  So Moms, make yourself available and let her know what you are interested in helping with, but then take a step back, take a deep breath, and let her take the lead!

There are traditionally many ways that the Mother of the Bride can be involved; and often, the Mother of the Groom, if close with the Bride, can join in the fun. For instance, dress shopping is a cherished custom that Moms are often involved in; Mothers are also indispensable when it comes to scheduling times with vendors, fielding phone calls from caterers and musicians, and in general, handling all the day to day details. Mothers also will help to compile the guest list, and subsequently, send out invitations and handle responses.

Advice about Advice: Whether paying for the day or not, reserve input to that which is requested or is something constructive, not critical. (For instance, reminding her that the venue will need to accommodate older or handicapped guests, NOT that you don’t like the choice of venue.)

Mothers should always plan on attending any bridal shower but traditionally is not involved in the planning. On the big day, Mom has ceremonial and traditional duties as well – she is the last to be seated, signaling the beginning of the wedding; she greets guests at the reception, and she dances the traditional dance with her husband or escort. In more modern weddings, Moms will also dance with their daughter if a father was not present.

Moms also can be quite useful in staying in touch with the florist regarding bouquet choices, centerpieces, venue decor and more.  Our Wedding Specialists are experts in the Art of Floral Expression and the Team at Mission Viejo Florist would be honored to assist you in creating the wedding of your dreams.  Call us to set an appointment today!