Weddings for the New Year

new year engagementHappy New Year! If you are among the many folks who got engaged over the holidays, the new year means the beginning of planning for your big day – which can be exciting and a little intimidating, all at once. So what are the most popular trends for 2016 weddings?


  • Personality Plus – couples are deciding to create a celebration that reflects their personal flair and tastes. Formal affairs are often replaced with comfortable settings and non-traditional locations, which takes a lot of pressure off the planning – and the event.
  • Romance Rules – romantic illumination and soft, vintage floral colors are popular as couples move into 2016. Candlelight and hanging bulbs remain popular lighting elements for weddings this year.
  • Meaningful Menus – couples are choosing to share their heritage through food, with appetizers and family style foods that reflect their cultural background. These foods are often colorful, interesting and spark conversation. If there are traditional drinks that compliment the food, serve to your guests as well.
  • Fun Festivities – cookies and milk or an ice cream sundae station provide desserts that are fun, portable and encourage mingling and conversation.
  • Floral Freedom – the trendiest colors are blush and matte as opposed to the vibrant brights of recent years. Matching centerpieces and bouquets are giving way to eclectic, complementary arrangements that are similar but not uniform, giving a more natural, fresh-picked feel to the room.


If you are looking to create a wedding that reflects your style as well as gives off the newest relaxed tones and ambiance, stop into Mission Viejo Florist. Our expert florists are ready to help you with all your bridal bouquet and floral arrangement needs. Congratulations on your new engagement – let’s get to planning!

Winter Weddings- Using Ivory and Grey

winter weddingWhile winter palettes are often more subdued than the other seasons, the soft elegance of winter gives couples an opportunity to utilize one of the more sophisticated color schemes – ivory and gray. Although at first thought this may not seem vibrant enough for a wedding celebration, it is perfect to create an enchanting wintry setting that your guests will not soon forget. Ivory and gray is vintage in feel, and allows brides and grooms to play with metallics from pewter to chrome.


There are many ways brides are personalizing this interesting choice of colors for their own event and wedding venue. Silvery gray flowing bridesmaids gowns wrapped in posh faux-fur stoles look luxurious and cozy; while thematic icicle lights line walkways and entrances to accentuate the winter vibe. For bouquets and head pieces, ivory flowers such as hydrangea, roses and spider mums – as well as berries of all kinds – can be airbrushed with a frosty silvery gray tinge, which makes the florals appear snow-kissed and fresh picked from the winter woods. To your classic ivory bouquet, add silver and gray eucalyptus and ivies as accents.


In the venue, tree branches spray painted gray and adorned with white glimmering lights creates a snowflake inspired centerpiece (or floor standing display) that also lends romantic illumination. Add pewter candelabras and place settings to complete the look. One of the hottest cake trends this season is an all white cake with silver accessories; the frosted berries or blooms from your floral arrangements can also adorn this cake beautifully.


Although Mission Viejo rarely sees snow, you can create a dreamy winter wonderland utilzing elements of ivory and grey. For more ideas for your bouquets, centerpieces, and wedding flowers, come into Mission Viejo Florist to discuss your vision with Nick St. Clair, our wedding and event coordinator.  Let our team help bring to life your perfect winter wedding.


Wedding Chrysanthemums

chrysanthemumIf we asked what the perfect fall wedding flower would be, we would probably get a range of answers. From roses to daisies to lilies, the choices are varied; and the flower you choose will depend largely on the ambiance you are trying to create on your wedding day.


You may not realize, however, that one of the most popular fall wedding blooms is the chrysanthemum. This official flower of November blooms well into the autumn months, making it truly seasonal. Add in the fact that it is generally grown locally, and you have one of the more affordable flowers of choice. But don’t assume that because they fit in your budget that you are settling for anything – the versatile chrysanthemum has some of the most beautiful colors, varied shapes and unique appearances in the floral world. As a matter of fact, the chrysanthemum has up to 2,000 different varieties, and one is sure to be perfect for your wedding day.


Chysanthemums of  the brush or thistle varieties have petals that are spiky in appearance, looking almost like an exploding firework. For an elegant touch in a vintage wedding, choose these mums in bridal white, and place them atop metallic candle holders; or pair with baby’s breath and greenery for a modern twist on a country bouquet. Chrysanthemum petals can also be incurve, which means they curve in tightly towards the center. Incurves are the largest blooms of the mum family, with lavish, generous layers of petals which serve well as centerpieces and venue decorations. Irregular incurve varieties are gathered tight toward the center, but the lower petals fall away loosely, making them a wonderful addition to an informal wildflower bouquet.


Spider, anenome or spoon classifications of the chrysanthemum are for the bride looking to make a statement. These eye-catching and peculiar looking blooms come in a vivid array of colors; making cascading bridal bouquets, cakes and overflowing wall sconces the subject of admiration. No matter which variety you choose, the fall mum is sure to make your floral arrangements as special as you are. Come into our Mission Viejo flower shop to discuss your wedding dreams with one of our expert consultants; and then let us transform those floral dreams into reality.