Floral Accents, Extras, and Details

floral accents

Weddings are beautiful by nature. But there are many opportunities within your wedding planning and design that you can add elements and details to make it uniquely personal and truly spectacular. After decades of helping Mission Viejo couples plan the perfect wedding day, the expert designers at Mission Viejo Florist are excited to help you with the floral accents that will transform your day.
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Metallic Accents for Wedding Decor

wedding decor

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable of your life. The decisions you make as to the perfect dress, a venue great for photographs, and wedding flowers that reflect your personality are all expressions of who you are and what is important to you. It is in the details that the essence of the day is created. Metallic accents have been popular with brides and grooms for years, and for good reason. Their versatility adds shimmer and shine to virtually any style wedding. At Mission Viejo Florist, we love helping area couples to create the wedding they have always dreamed of.
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Exquisite Orchid Floral Designs

orchid floral designs

At Mission Viejo Florist, we’ve worked with hundreds of excited brides to create the perfect wedding flowers. Over the years, there have been  different fashions, trending color palettes and “all the rage” wedding themes.  The newest thing comes and goes, but there are some wedding florals that are timeless, elegant and always cherished – the orchid is one such flower. Orchid floral designs are luxurious and sophisticated, and if you are planning a Mission Viejo or Orange County wedding, we highly recommend the use of this exquisite bloom.
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Planning for Your Holiday Wedding

holiday weddingEven though your holiday wedding is still six months away, now is the time to get your planning underway!
Winter weddings – especially around the holidays – can be very beautiful, elegant and sentimental. The traditional red, white and black tie weddings can be visually stunning; while a shimmery white and silver wedding is magical. Deep purples and greens are whimsical and ethereal.
Here at Mission Viejo Florist, we recall a wedding in which the Bride took a totally different approach to the wedding “florals” which resulted in a gorgeous effect.  The arch was decorated with a variety of Christmas greenery, illuminated with white lights, and adorned with large red and silver ornaments. There were no flowers at all. The Bride carried a bouquet of Christmas greens with smaller round red ornaments, and the centerpieces were a variety of Christmas greenery surrounding flickering candles.

Not only was the wedding striking and memorable, but it also successfully addressed some of the issues that can arise when planning a wedding during the holidays. Flowers, like every other aspect of planning, such as the venue and the food, are simply more expensive at this time of year. Many flowers are difficult to source because they are out of season, and with a month of celebrating with florals in shades of reds and whites, supply and demand also see a rise in prices.  By choosing interesting greenery and decorations over just flowers, our Bride achieved the perfect Christmas theme without breaking her budget.  White, silvery, and natural branches, along with pine cones, winter greenery and even holly berries can give a Bride a wide variety of seasonal options.

One of our most important pieces of advice for every Bride, no matter what season the wedding, never, ever skimp on your bouquet.  If you really want that special garden rose, a certain shade of peony, or your favorite flower, it may have to be imported and therefore slightly pricey, but your bouquet will be front and center, highly visible and in almost every picture.  So let one of our talented designers here at Mission Viejo Florist create the bouquet you have always dreamed about.  It will be the final touch, the jewelry that finishes “the look” everyone wants to see!

Finally, Joni does caution that holiday weddings can be problematic and expensive for those who need to travel to the event. “The most important thing I can tell a bride with her heart is set on a December wedding”, says Joni, “is to talk with her family and the groom’s family first to insure there will not be a hardship on anyone who must travel at that time of year.”
Remember that whatever time of year you choose for your wedding, your best selection for a wedding florist is at Mission Viejo Florist. We have the depth of experience that will result in heartfelt and honest advice, designed to make your wedding perfect.

The Floral Designer is an Important Part of Your Dream Wedding

floral designerEvery bride looks for assistance when it comes time to choose the details of her wedding day. Whether a Mother, a best friend or online tools and social media forums – a Bride has many places to go for advice and guidance. But if you are planning your wedding, we have a better suggestion. The very best place to turn for professional advice – that will result in a stunning wedding as well as remain within budget – is Mission Viejo Florist. Even if you think you cannot afford a professional wedding designer, call us and schedule a complimentary appointment. . . we will surprise you with the value we provide.

“Picking your florist is about the personal connection between the bride and the designer. You want the designer to be just as excited about your wedding as you are!” says Joni, owner at Mission Viejo. Getting to know the bride is an important aspect of designing the perfect day, for many reasons. “Flowers are the ‘jewelry’ for any event, but especially weddings,” Joni says. “Your bouquet is not a stand alone piece – flowers highlight and accent you and your dress, and any of the floral designers at Mission Viejo Florist will look at the whole wedding picture, not just quote a price.

Any wedding floral designer can provide a laundry list of items with a bottom line price, but at our florist we spend time with our Brides to understand their desired look and what elements are most important, her “must” haves.  Count on our expertise to know which flowers are in season and readily available, therefore more cost effective.  And if you love a look you saw in a trendy magazine or a recent celebrity wedding, one of our floral designers can help you achieve the same look and feel, but stay in your budget.

We are professional wedding consultants and we have designed hundreds and hundreds of weddings in our area.  We know the venues and we have the ability to translate your style and dreams into floral designs that will exceed your expectations while staying within your budget.  We have the expertise with non-traditional and outside-the-box creativity and we are happy to recommend unique ideas and tips along with helping with all aspects of planning to make your day beautiful and carefree.  So gather up your Mother, your best friend, and all of your inspirational photos and make an appointment with a member of our team. . . we can’t wait to meet you and help you create the wedding of your dreams!

Traditional Roles for the Mother of the Bride

mother rolesYour daughter is on her way to the altar, and as the Mother of the Bride, you’ve probably got a thousand ideas about how this day could be amazing – after all, this is one of the biggest events of her life! It is also a situation that may require a delicate approach.  Your daughter most certainly wants your love, support, and help, but she will also have her own ideas about how the day will look and which details she wants to handle.  So Moms, make yourself available and let her know what you are interested in helping with, but then take a step back, take a deep breath, and let her take the lead!

There are traditionally many ways that the Mother of the Bride can be involved; and often, the Mother of the Groom, if close with the Bride, can join in the fun. For instance, dress shopping is a cherished custom that Moms are often involved in; Mothers are also indispensable when it comes to scheduling times with vendors, fielding phone calls from caterers and musicians, and in general, handling all the day to day details. Mothers also will help to compile the guest list, and subsequently, send out invitations and handle responses.

Advice about Advice: Whether paying for the day or not, reserve input to that which is requested or is something constructive, not critical. (For instance, reminding her that the venue will need to accommodate older or handicapped guests, NOT that you don’t like the choice of venue.)

Mothers should always plan on attending any bridal shower but traditionally is not involved in the planning. On the big day, Mom has ceremonial and traditional duties as well – she is the last to be seated, signaling the beginning of the wedding; she greets guests at the reception, and she dances the traditional dance with her husband or escort. In more modern weddings, Moms will also dance with their daughter if a father was not present.

Moms also can be quite useful in staying in touch with the florist regarding bouquet choices, centerpieces, venue decor and more.  Our Wedding Specialists are experts in the Art of Floral Expression and the Team at Mission Viejo Florist would be honored to assist you in creating the wedding of your dreams.  Call us to set an appointment today!

True but Strange Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsThe human desire for continuity and tradition is deeply ingrained. We tend to believe things, and do things, because that is the way it always was, often not knowing the origins of the behavior. So many things that we associate with a wedding day actually originated with superstitions and medieval belief systems – from what the bride wears to what she carries, from who sees her before the wedding to who attends the wedding.


For instance, in many ancient cultures it was believed that a bride was particularly vulnerable to evil spirits. Wearing a veil was meant to offer her protection from these spirits that may wish to do her harm. Veils were popularized in Roman culture and later adopted by the British; but they also date back to ancient Jewish ritual where it was considered a sign of chastity. The groom often was not allowed to see the face of his bride until after the ceremony, although sometimes the groom was allowed to verify it was his bride before covering her face for the remainder of the ceremony.


The idea of bridesmaids and groomsmen has a less happy origin as well. The bridal party was originally a protective detail; as it was not uncommon for the weddings to be crashed by marauders and pillagers, and the bride carried off as bounty. The people surrounding the couple were meant to prevent such a tragedy. Similarly, sometimes it was “necessary” for the groom to kidnap his bride from a neighboring village, necessitating the “best man” – his strongest fighting ally – to assist him. Of course, the tradition of including a bridal party has a much less insidious meaning in contemporary times; these people represent love, support and friendship on the special day.


Flowers have long played a role in weddings, although in the past they were considered more as good luck charms than décor and adornment. Orange blossoms were popular as they represented chastity and honor; roses and snowdrops stood for love and were often chosen. Today, although flowers are most often chosen for color, style and preference rather than for their traditional meanings, they are still an integral part of virtually every wedding – from grand cathedral to courthouse, it is rare to see a bride without a bouquet.


At Mission Viejo Florists, we believe in traditions – whether holding onto old ones, or creating new ones! The beauty of getting married in 2016 is that you have so many choices and options available to you, and we have helped hundreds of area couples create the wedding of their dreams. What does your perfect wedding look like? We will help you get there with gorgeous floral arrangements, bridal bouquets and ceremony flowers.

Summer Weddings- How to Beat the Heat

summer weddingsSouthern California is more temperate during the summer than many other parts of the country.  Outdoor venues are especially attractive during the sunniest months.  However, those who are planning a wedding at the warmest time of the year should keep a few tips in mind.  And if you are a couple looking for the perfect Mission Viejo Florist event, you may benefit from the experience of our designers who have executed hundreds of successful summertime weddings.

  • Make sure take the time of day into account when setting up the seating arrangement for the ceremony – be aware of the sun’s position to ensure guests are not staring right into it.
  • Have a tent on hand for shade and cooling off. Although very hot days are rare, not everyone likes to be in the sun for hours.
  • Have drinks available to your guests from the time they arrive; drink stations or wandering waiters will ensure your guests are well- hydrated and comfortable.
  • Some flowers do better in hot temperatures than others- including orchids, lilies and roses. To keep bridal bouquets from wilting, have vases available to hold them when not in use.

summer weddings

What’s Hot for Summer Wedding Flowers?  Vibrant summery florals, wildflowers, and non-traditional greens such as succulents and eucalyptus leaves are being used to design the trendiest events.

As you plan your summer ceremony, the wedding team at Mission Viejo Florist is available for design inspiration and the expert tips you will need to stage the perfect summer wedding.

Tall Wedding Centerpieces are Trending for 2016

wedding centerpieces2016 wedding planning is well underway, and the experts are reporting that many of the popular themes from 2015 weddings are still trending. Although the goal of every wedding is romance, this year’s ceremonies seem to especially emphasize a return to traditional romantic nuance. Muted color schemes – such as blush pinks and gray blues – hearken back to the days of old fashioned wedding ceremonies. Enchanting illumination, via candles or a string of Edison bulbs, supplies glowing ambient light.


There are also trends in floral options this year – pastels are replacing vibrant blooms, bouquets are not all the same, but complementary; and centerpieces are soaring to new heights. Tall centerpieces are deserving of all the attention given to them this year – their impressive stature makes a beautiful floral statement that is both dazzling and dramatic. And while high centerpieces are all the rage, they are showing up at wedding receptions in a wide variety of designs and styles.


There are many ways to create a tall centerpiece all your own. Choosing flowers such as calla lilies or gladiolus will deliver the elegant height; adding decorative branches draped with vintage candles add inventive lighting. A tall glass cylinder with a floral arrangement perched on top can be filled with floating wildflowers or exotics like orchids; metallic candlesticks can support flowers high above the table.


Tall centerpieces work well in any setting and with any theme; but they are especially impressive in large spaces, drawing the eye up to the open air – be it vaulted ceiling or blue sky.When it comes to  wedding flowers, the experienced floral designers at Mission Viejo Florist are happy to consult with you to discuss the style that will represent and bring your vision to life.  Whether you follow the trend or decide to go your own way, your bouquets and centerpieces for your 2016 wedding are destined to be stunning when designed by our award winning designers.

Mission Viejo’s Favorite Wedding Flowers of 2015

wedding flowersWith 2016 upon us, we are looking forward to helping many new couples with their wedding flowers. But we couldn’t resist taking just one more look back at two of our favorite couples from the past, and highlight how these couples utilized stunning color palettes and beautiful blooms to create a memorable and striking setting.


It all begins with the bride, and these ladies were certainly stunning! Angela’s bouquet featured yellow and orange roses and calla lilies; while Kelly’s lavender roses with purple accents showed off in regal splendor. Both bright palettes were prefect for outdoors, and looked amazing against the white of the wedding gown.


wedding flowers wedding flowers


Angela and Ryan carried the theme through to their ceremony with coordinating aisle flowers and an amazing grand arch abundantly covered in orange asters and yellow lilies. Kelly and Mike chose a more traditional arrangement, with lavender, purple and magenta blooms set on ornate pillars flanking their ceremony.

wedding flowers
wedding flowers


When planning your wedding, come into Mission Viejo Florist for expert advice on designing bouquets, centerpieces, aisle and altar flowers and venue décor. We have the experience and the inspiration you need – be it sophisticated or rustic; contemporary or vintage. Mission Viejo Florist is your best choice for an amazing wedding.